Armfield News

Armfield News

Armfield FT22 & UOP20X Evaporators

The Armfield FT22 & UOP20X are two of our evaporation series offerings for Chemical Engineering teaching. The UOP20X computer controlled modular system of evaporators, offers a wide range of configurations: rising or falling film; single or double effect; forward, backward or parallel feed. Armfield’s FT22 rising film evaporator processes samples as small as 2.0 litres More

Armfield open a new Academy Suite

Introducing Armfield Academy, our gateway to learning and knowledge.Stay updated, participate in innovative training, and access our resources by contacting us through

HT10X Heat Transfer/HT30X Heat Exchange Ranges

The Armfield HT10X Heat transfer range: Includes 11 different accessories to demonstrate the three basic modes of heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation). A common service unit avoids unnecessary cost duplication for control and instrumentation.Educational software, including mimic diagrams, real-time control, data logging, graph plotting is Included as standard with the service unit. Embedded software More

Fluidised Bed Systems

Studying fluidized bed systems is an important aspect of chemical engineering education, especially for undergraduate students. Fluidized beds are widely used in various industrial processes, such as combustion, catalytic reactions, drying, and particle coating. Many universities only briefly touch on this subject as part of there curriculum and as such finding budget for this important More

Armfield announce the successful launch of our FT102XA Carbonator.

At Armfield Ltd, we’re driving innovation in the food and beverage industry. Introducing our game-changing miniature technology, engineered to streamline your operations. ▪ Experience faster results and cost savings like never before.▪ No more delays or budget overruns. Embrace efficiency and achieve your goals with Armfield’s ground-breaking solutions. Exciting news for the food and beverage industry! More

Water Resource Management

Current studies in geoscience and earth science looks at the processes that shape the earth’s surface, natural resources and how water and ecosystems are interconnected. As well as the effects these have caused in the past, present and what changes may need to be implemented for the future. The Armfield Ltd FEL and S Series More

S6-MKIII Teaching Flume

The S6-MKIII laboratory flow channel is one of the most important tools available to the hydraulics or civil engineer whether engaged in teaching basic principles or researching solutions to practical problems. Developed during 30 years of continuous production, examples are installed in educational and research establishments throughout the world. The flumes are assembled from modular More

SV Structures Series

The Armfield SV Structures Series consists of 24 modular experiments specifically designed to allow Civil, Mechanical and Structural engineering students to understand the principles of forces and moments, forces in a truss, strength of materials and bridges, beams, arches and cables. The Structures range utilises the Armfield armBUS software system to collect, display in real More

Flood research – S100 tilting Research Flume Newcastle University

Armfield Ltd’s 12.5m free discharge S100 tilting Research Flume installed at University of Newcastle Fluid Science Department. The system is capable of controlled water flow up to 400l/s at water depths up to 0.8m deep. Our engineers have designed a flume to carry out flood event studies, leaky barriers, dams giving away, effect on structures and more. More

Southern California IFT Suppliers Night Expo

Meet us at the Southern California IFT Suppliers Night Expo, Hyatt Regency, Orange County on Thursday March 9th from 3:30pm-8pm! It is an active, vibrant show that includes professionals from the food service, dairy, meat, seafood, bakery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries specifically. The Armfield Ltd Industrial Food research range spans from simple thermal processing to color\flavor extractions, spray drying, carbonated More