C Series - Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Advanced Fluid Mechanics, this range covers the complete curriculum requirements of fluid in motion for Chemical, Mechanical and Civil engineering. The range includes studies into the various properties of the fluid, such as velocity, pressure, conservation laws of mass, energy and momentum. C1 – Compressible Flow Unit, C2 – Subsonic Wind Tunnel, C3-MKII – Multi-Pump Test Rig, C4-MKII – Multi-Purpose Teaching Flume, C6-MKII – Fluid Friction Measurements, C7-MKII – Pipe Surge & Water Hammer Apparatus, C9 – Comprehensive Flow Meter Demonstration, C10 – Laminar Flow Table, C11 – Pipe networks accessory, C15 – Computer Controlled Subsonic Wind Tunnel, C16 – Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System.

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