Armfield FT22 & UOP20X Evaporators

The Armfield FT22 & UOP20X are two of our evaporation series offerings for Chemical Engineering teaching.

The UOP20X computer controlled modular system of evaporators, offers a wide range of configurations: rising or falling film; single or double effect; forward, backward or parallel feed.

Armfield’s FT22 rising film evaporator processes samples as small as 2.0 litres under conditions identical to those in production, sufficient to reveal the effect of heating on any ingredients newly introduced to the recipe.
As well as investigating the effect on organoleptic and physico-chemical properties, the FT22 can be used to prepare product for taste trials on a daily basis ensuring incoming raw materials are of a consistent quality.

Both the UOP20X and FT22 are supplied with educational software including process control and data logging facilities.

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