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Armfield News

Armfield S6-MKII laboratory flow channel

The Armfield S6-MKII laboratory flow channel is one of the most important tools available to the hydraulics or civil engineer whether engaged in teaching basic principles or researching solutions to practical problems. Many applications in fluid mechanics are associated with the flow of water through an open channel where the water has a free surface More

Kombucha and Armfield

The ancient recipe for Kombucha involves only tea leaves, sugar, water and the mother culture of bacteria and yeast. Adjusting the quantities of the ingredients will change the flavour of the final beverage so no two drinks from different brewers will taste the same. The process must be monitored and refined to maintain your unique More

Armfield Remote Controlled Equipment

Armfield’s computer-controlled research and teaching engineering equipment integrates seamlessly in many commonly used remote classroom software applications.

Providing real time Remote control of our equipment and simultaneous recording of data.

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New Agent in Pakistan

Armfield supports local territories by working with agents with industry expertise across the world. Supported closely by our in-house dedicated Area Sales Managers your local agent is fully briefed on our suite of products and kept up to date with the latest developments and enhancements. We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered More

TH6 Film & Dropwise Condensation Unit

The Armfield TH6 Film & Dropwise Condensation Unit enables students to gain a knowledge of two fundamental condensation processes and how they affect efficiencies and heat transfer, found in industries such as steam power plants and distillation operations. Used to demonstrate dropwise condensation, demonstrated by means of the condenser with a polished gold-plated surface and More

Armfield FT25 Scraped Surface Heat exchanger

New Generation Crystallisers Armfield have released the new generation of R&D Scraped Surface Heat exchanger crystallisers for fats, oils and ice cream. Mounted on a very small footprint frame, our systems allow you to process up to pressures of 40 bar, option dependent. Based on collaboration with industry an enhanced scaled down version of a More

Armfield Process Control Teaching System

Introduce students to the fundamentals and principles of process control with Armfield’s Essentials of Process Control range. A highly visible and easy to understand suite of products to demonstrate controlled variables of level, flow, temperature and pressure. ArmSOFT software allows control and data acquisition using a PC including, when testing any of the control loops, More

Armfield Dissectible Pumps & Valves

Prepare students for future careers in industrial jobs with the Armfield Machine Elements range. Perfect for learning industrial skills such as pump & valve operation, disassembly, refurbishment and re-assembly via hands on practical application. Designed for easy storage and supplied in a toughened case each set includes a full tool kit, manuals and laminated job More

Coronavirus Update

Armfield are monitoring the ongoing situation relating to the outbreak of Coronavirus and are not envisaging any disruption to the supply of goods at this time to our customers. In regards to IC&T and support services, we are adhering to UK guidelines and Government advice in relation to travel and movement of people and in More

Armfield Fluid Science Teaching Aids

Building on a proven track record of developing innovative hands-on teaching equipment, Armfield are pleased to broaden its range in the Fluid Science Series. Introducing students to the world of engineering at the earliest opportunity and engaging with them to gain a fundamental understanding of Fluid Mechanics via an intuitive and practical suite of products. More

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