Fluidised Bed Systems

Studying fluidized bed systems is an important aspect of chemical engineering education, especially for undergraduate students. Fluidized beds are widely used in various industrial processes, such as combustion, catalytic reactions, drying, and particle coating.

Many universities only briefly touch on this subject as part of there curriculum and as such finding budget for this important subject is challenging.

The Armfield Ltd FS-4.1 Fluidised bed module offers a cost-effective demonstration into the characteristics of a packed and fluidised bed.

The teaching outcomes are:

▪ Characteristics of a packed and fluidised bed.
▪ Plot a graph showing the relationship between pressure drop and flow rate.
▪ Demonstrate pressure reading confirm with Darcy’s equation.
▪ Relationship between pressure drop and height of bed.
▪ Discuss the behaviour of particles when fluidised.
▪ Understand the relationship between L and (1 -ɛ).

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