FM Series - Fans and Compressors

The Armfield Fluid Machine range introduces students to a range of desktop computer-controlled Turbo Machines covering Fans & Compressors, Pumps and Turbines. These highly visual products offer full computer control and data logging as standard. FM40 – Centrifugal Fan Demonstration Unit, FM41 – Axial Fan Demonstration Unit, FM42 – Centrifugal Compressor Demonstration Unit, FM50 – Centrigual Pump Demonstration Unit, FM51 – Series and Parallel Pumps Demonstration, FM52 – Gear Pump Demonstration Unit, FM53 – Plunger Pump Demonstration Unit, FM6X – Turbine Service Unit, FM60 Impulse Turbine, FM61 – Reaction Turbine, FM62 – Pelton-Turbine, FM63 – Propeller Turbine, FM64 – Pump Test Accessory.

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