C3 Multi-Pump Test Rig

The Armfield Multi-Pump Test rig can accommodate both rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps, and is supplied with the most common example of each type as standard (ie a centrifugal pump and a gear pump).

A range of other pump types are available as accessories, (including axial, turbine, flexible impeller, diaphragm and plunger, plus a second centrifugal pump for series/parallel demonstrations). Up to four pumps can be accommodated simultaneously within the rig for use within a single laboratory period, and each can be run without disconnecting any pipework or connections. Further pumps can also be easily interchanged.

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  1. hi please may i have a quote on the installation of your pump test rig as i have a project to build one and would like to compare prices with me building one and me buying one complete

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