S Series - Applied Hydraulics & Hydrology

Armfield: Suppliers of world-leading fixed bed and tilting flume technology, for over 50 years. Representing innovative product evolution, Armfield’s latest series of fully configurable, modular flume systems are designed to exceed the requirements of research and teaching facilities alike.
Available as free discharge, recirculation or a combination of both; flume systems are accompanied by a range of Hydraulic & Hydrology equipment that includes tanks, basins, experimentation models and instrumentation.
S1 – Drainage and seepage tank, S2 – Mobile bed and flow visualisation tank, S6-MKII – Standard teaching & research flume, S8-MKII – Sedimentary transport demonstration channel, S10 – Rainfall hydrographs, S11 – Ground water flow unit, S12-MKII – Environmental hydrology system, S16 – Hydraulic flow demonstrator, S17 – River flow simulator, S60 / S80 / S100 – Standard teaching & research flume.

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