FS Series- Fluid Science

Introduce students to the world of engineering at the earliest opportunity with Armfield’s new Fluid Science range. Built on a proven track record of developing innovative hands-on teaching equipment the Fluid Science Series enables students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics and Thermo Fluids via hands-on experimentation.

Students can conduct individual or group experiments ranging from simple flow measurements and losses in hydraulic circuits through to more complex heat ex-changer processes using the Fluid Science service unit in conjunction with the multi-functional work panel and instrumentation. A user friendly operational guide provides highly visual illustrations allowing the students to further their knowledge by applying the theories themselves to practical experimentation.

The high precision elements are presented in a modular tray based system providing both ease of access and storage.

Fluid Science – FS-SU Fluid Science Service Unit, FS-1.1 Fluid Science Flow Measurement. FS-1.2 Energy Losses in Straight Pipes, FS-1.3 Energy Losses in Bends, FS-2.1 Manometer – Inclined, FS-2.2 Manometer – U Tube, FS-3.1 Shell & Heat Exchanger, FS-3.2 Tubular Exchanger, FS-3.3 Cross Flow, FS-3.4 Plate, FS-4.1 Manometer – Fluidised Bed.

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