Armfield Catalogue 2024

This Catalogue introduces complete new ranges of educational equipment demonstrating the fundamentals of engineering with a student-based learning approach. These products can be found within the new EF and ME sections of our catalogue. We have continued to innovate our product portfolio by introducing new products for Open Channel Research Flumes, Air Conditioning, Water Treatment, Combustion Engine analysis, Filtration and Food Technology.

As part of this innovation we are proud to introduce our new armBUS software, unparalleled in the market. armBUS provides an ultimate user experience with its instinctive simplicity including options for automatic fault diagnosis, network access, remote operation and multiple user interfaces.

Now available in five languages, English, French, German, Spanish and Polish.

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Armfield Engineering Catalogue

Teaching and Research Catalogue 2024


Armfield French Catalogue

Enseignement et recherche en Ingénierie


Armfield Spanish Catalogue

Enseñanza e investigación en Ingeniería


Armfield German Catalogue

Ingenieurwesen Lehre und Forschung


Armfield IFT Mini Brochure

Research and Development Catalogue