FE Series - Irrigation Water Management

With continued population growth in parts of the world where growing crops is most challenging, irrigation is the obvious way to maximise the potential.
This range of products offers both laboratory and field-learning opportunities. It also introduces such diverse topics as gauging and control structures plus evapotranspiration.
FEL2 – Soil/Water Model Tank, FEL3 – Rainfall Simulator, FEL4 – Soil Moisture Suction Sand Table, FEL5-MKII – Demonstration Infiltration Apparatus, FEL6 – Demonstration Lysimeter, FEL10 – Drain Permeameter, FEX26-1/2/3 – Parshall Flumes, FEX26-4/5/6 – WSC Flumes, FEX26-7 – Thin Plate Weirs & Accessories, FEX26-8 – Thin Plate Weirs & Accessories, FEX26-9 – Channel Section, FEX26-10 – Broad Crested Weir, FEX-11 – Crump Weir, FEX40-3/4 – Sluice Gates – FEX40-3/4, FEX40-5/6/7 – Automatic Water Control Gates – FEX40-5/6/7.

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