MAM Series - Mechanical & Automotive Mechanisms

The Armfield Didactec Sanderson Mechanical & Automotive Mechanisms range is a series of engineering teaching equipment demonstrating the principles of Mechanical Mechanisms, Automotive Mechanisms and Theory of Machines. DT-9.06 Geneva Stop, DT-9.07 Oldham Coupling, DT-9.08 Hooke’s Joint, DT-9.09 Cam & Follower, DT-9.10 Gear Generation Apparatus.
SD-1.10 Universal Bench Mounted Frame, SD-1.12 Drum Brake Apparatus, SD-1.15 Gearbox Apparatus, SD-1.16A Gearbox Apparatus, SD-1.17 Overdrive Apparatus, SD-1.18 Braking & Accelerating Forces Apparatus, SD-1.20 Belt Friction Apparatus, SD-1.22 – Borg-Warner Automatic Transmission Simulator, SD-1.23 Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus, SD-1.24 Plate Clutch Apparatus, SD-1.25 Disc Brake Apparatus, SD-1.27 Simple Hydraulic System, SD-1.28 Crank Mechanism, SD-4.15 Acceleration of Geared Systems, SD-4.17/SD-4.18 Epicyclic Gear Units.

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