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Coronavirus Update

Armfield are monitoring the ongoing situation relating to the outbreak of Coronavirus and are not envisaging any disruption to the supply of goods at this time to our customers. In regards to IC&T and support services, we are adhering to UK guidelines and Government advice in relation to travel and movement of people and in the interim are able to provide support videos to help our customers.

As a company we are following all the government directives to protect our staff, customers, suppliers and the collective effort to fight the spread of coronavirus.

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Armfield Fluid Science Teaching Aids

Building on a proven track record of developing innovative hands-on teaching equipment, Armfield are pleased to broaden its range in the Fluid Science Series.

Introducing students to the world of engineering at the earliest opportunity and engaging with them to gain a fundamental understanding of Fluid Mechanics via an intuitive and practical suite of products.

Armfield aims to provide students with a thorough grounding and understanding of the theory of:- Venturi meter, Orifice plate, Energy losses in pipes, Energy losses in bends, Free surface demonstration (surface at atmospheric pressure), U-tube manometer and Inclined manometer.

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Newcastle S100 Research Flume

Armfield’s Research Flume, designed by our engineers to carry out flood event studies, was installed earlier this year at Newcastle University’s Fluid Science Department. During the commissioning of this key research equipment footage was taken showing the capabilities on environmental research including areas such as leaky barriers, dams giving away, effect on structures and more. The flume features sediment recirculation, up to a 5% tilt, touch screen control, subfloor reservoir tank and wavemaker.

This project adds to a suite of flumes in the Novak lab which are still in constant use.

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Fi – Food Ingredients Europe 19

Food Ingredients Europe, this was a busy show with a huge amount of the world’s ingredient business being done right here, Armfield agents and representatives are working hard on the floor. An amazing buzz in the room!
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Armfield C3 Multi-pump Test Rig

The Armfield Multi-pump Test Rig has been designed to demonstrate the operating characteristics (headflow curves and efficiency) of a series of different types of pumps, each having a broadly similar input power. The rig can accommodate both rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps, and is supplied with the most common example of each type as standard (ie a centrifugal pump and a gear pump).

A range of other pump types are available as accessories, (including axial, turbine, flexible impeller, diaphragm and plunger, plus a second centrifugal pump for series/parallel demonstrations). Up to four pumps can be accommodated simultaneously within the rig for use within a single laboratory period, and each can be run without disconnecting any pipework or connections. Further pumps can also be easily interchanged. This new system benefits from electronic instrumentation, control and data logging.

As an option, the unit can be fitted with two identical centrifugal pumps to enable simple series/parallel pump configurations to be demonstrated.

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Armfield Prize for Laboratory Work 2019 University of Surrey

Congratulations to Mehvish Sajid, for the best combined overall mark. “Your prize is a great confidence boost for our Chemical and Process Engineering students. They really help our graduates stand out from the crowd as they have been individually recognised for their performance and endeavours which is a great personal achievement. Without your help, such a wonderful collection of prizes would not exist”

Karen Devereux Good luck and congratulations Mehvish from us all at Armfield.

Armfield Platinum Membership of the Worlddidac Association

Armfield are extremely pleased to announce our Platinum Membership of the Worlddidac Association and represent the #UK.

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Meeting the exacting criteria, we look forward to becoming an active member bringing technology and knowledge to the educational sector.

New Armfield Website!

Since our inception in 1963 Armfield has been a proud, independent and responsible provider of technical equipment. Today, Armfield is the world leader in the supply of innovative Education Equipment and Industrial Research & Development equipment for Food, Pharmaceutical and Industry labs.

People are at the core of our company. We see our strength in trust, diversity and progress. Every Armfield employee’s contribution, no matter how big or small, forges the success of our organisation with the customer placed at the very heart of our business.

We are excited to show our products in never seen before detail and show case our ever increasing product range.

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