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Flood research – S100 tilting Research Flume Newcastle University

Armfield Ltd’s 12.5m free discharge S100 tilting Research Flume installed at University of Newcastle Fluid Science Department. The system is capable of controlled water flow up to 400l/s at water depths up to 0.8m deep.

Our engineers have designed a flume to carry out flood event studies, leaky barriers, dams giving away, effect on structures and more. This flume furthers our involvement in creating equipment for erosion studies, please contact us for more information or talk to us about your requirements.

To maximise available tilt (to 5%) the flume was designed to sit within the existing sump tanks, unique features included a bespoke flood dam system enabling research into flood events and a sediment recirculation system capable of handling solids up to 10mm. Water depth is controlled using Armfield’s unique venetian blind weir all fully automated through the integrated touchscreen control panel.

This project adds to a suite of flumes in the Novak lab which comprises of two S3 flumes dating back to the 1960’s and one 1970’s S6 unit, all of which are still in constant use.

Southern California IFT Suppliers Night Expo

Meet us at the Southern California IFT Suppliers Night Expo, Hyatt Regency, Orange County on Thursday March 9th from 3:30pm-8pm!
It is an active, vibrant show that includes professionals from the food service, dairy, meat, seafood, bakery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries specifically.
The Armfield Ltd Industrial Food research range spans from simple thermal processing to color\flavor extractions, spray drying, carbonated beverages, edible oils research to evaporation. We are a low cost, effective answer to your product development needs.

The Armfield C6-MKII-10 Fluid Friction Measurements unit

Provides facilities for the detailed study of fluid friction head losses, which occur when an incompressible fluid flows through pipes, fittings and flow metering devices.

A wide range of measurements, demonstrations and training exercises are possible with the equipment:

· Confirming the relationship between head loss due to fluid friction and velocity for flow of water
· Determining the head loss associated with flow through a variety of standard pipe fittings
· Determining the relationship between pipe friction coefficients and Reynolds’ number for flow through a pipe with roughened bore
· Demonstrating the application of differential head devices in the measurement of flow rate and velocity
· Providing practical training of pressure measurement techniques
· Enhancing understanding of the hydraulic principles involved through the use of complementary computer software

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Trial Laboratory is fully operational

Armfield’s Trial Laboratory is fully operational, using video calling for remote sessions and in-person trials now available. With recent technology upgrades, we have been able to run very successful trials on a wide variety of equipment and products.

Food Ingredients Exhibition in Frankfurt

Join Armfield at the Food Ingredients Exhibition in Frankfurt 30th November – 2nd December! The team will be there to welcome you and talk about your research and development needs. We can provide expert knowledge in small scale processing systems such as:
– carbonators
– pasteurisers
– mixing and separation
– solvent extractors
– spray drying
– oils refining systems
– and much more!

We are happy to help with any questions you might have, no matter how small!

Our booth is 31J82 so please drop by or book an appointment through the app to see a specific member of our team.

GESS Dubai 2021

Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) energy diversification into the renewable energy has spiked in the early half of 2021, focusing on fuel cell and renewable energy in aid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Armfield Ltd, leader in Engineering Teaching Equipment from the UK who will be attending GESS Exhibition (stand R20), will be showcasing methods for students and adults to develop in the field of new energy technology, making a significant contribution to the “green” energy revolution within the education system.

In addition to this, with the increase of coronavirus that led the world to a pandemic, many students, teachers, and staff resorted to remote learning, which has been of paramount importance. With education at forefront, Armfield Ltd is demonstrating remote learning to increase student engagement with online classrooms and home learning in the engineering sector at the GESS exhibition hall.

Supply Side West in Las Vegas

Come see us at Supply Side West in Las Vegas 27th and 28th of October, Stand #1977

Mark, Titus and Will are there to welcome you to the Armfield Stand, and discuss the exciting new developments added to the already vast Armfield range of products available for enhanced product Research and Development.

These include the FT74XA HTST/UHT unit, the high pressure FT25XA crystalliser and the even more flexible FT102X carbonator/filler. Other available systems we offer are suitable for processing a range of products related to HTST/UHT, extraction, spray drying, oil processing, filtration, mixing sterile filling, homogenisation, carbonation/filling and much more. 

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“Armfield employer of the year award”

Armfield were extremely honoured to be invited to the Annual Brockenhurst Gala awards dinner to receive the Brockenhurst College “employer of the year award” from the Principal, Polly Perkins CBE and Graham Beards, The Chair of Governors.

As part of our continued social responsibility program, the Armfield team has been actively involved in working with our local college by providing work placements, added curriculum support, equipment and an enhanced profile at employability events.

This partnership will prove invaluable to both Armfield and @brockcollege, with the students taking an active role in our new product development and evaluation.

Armfield look forward to strengthening our relationship with Brock college and playing an active role in helping them continue to develop world class engineers.

Armfield is pleased to announce the acquisition of RJ Lewis Ltd

Armfield is pleased to announce the acquisition of RJ Lewis Ltd, a leading high quality plastic machining and manufacturing specialist.

Armfield’s corporate mission is to be the leading manufacturer of engineering teaching and research equipment and industrial research & development equipment. The acquisition of a key supplier such as RJ Lewis Ltd brings us one step closer to accomplishing this goal.

RJ Lewis Ltd is being integrated into Armfield and will be relocated in our new dedicated assembly and inspection facility. This will enable us to meet the increased demands of our growing business, more than double our production capacity, and create new jobs within the company.