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Understanding Structural Behaviour

Armfield have teamed up with Dr David Brohn (who is also working with the Institution of Structural Engineers on this topic) to develop a range of hardware and software specifically to address this issue of understanding structural behaviour. This is a highly modular system with almost an infinite range of possibilities.

To simplify purchasing, the components are available in a number of kits depending on requirements, there are eight standard projects including:

– Cantilever beam
– Simply supported beam
– Two span beam
– Pinned beam
– Rigid right angle joint
– Rigid portal frame
– Portal frame with pinned connection
– Portal frame with pinned support

The equipment provides an unsurpassed and unique learning experience when the display software is coupled with the sensors, actuators and analysis software.

Armfield Fluid Machines

The FM53 Plunger Pump Demonstration Unit replicates those used in industry in a wide variety of applications such as cleaning or process technology in the chemical industry.

The plunger or ram pump is used for pumping small quantities of liquid at high pressure. Electronic sensors measure the instantaneous cylinder pressure within the pump, the pump displacement and the cumulative flow.

Computer controlled with datalogging the FM53 is one of Armfield’s vast range of units with remote access capabilities.

See the extensive range of fluid machine demonstration units at or contact to discuss your remote access needs.

Montana State University

Armfield recently visited Stephanie Wettstein at the chemical engineering department, Montana State University to complete the installation of the UOP3CC Continuous Computer Controlled Distillation Column.

As innovators of educational engineering equipment Armfield have developed this state-of-the-art laboratory based distillation column to enable safe hands on practical training for student engineers and plant operators as well as empowering research in different fields to be conducted.

The UOP3CC enables a range of demonstrations from the introductory stages of a process engineering course through to the more complex demonstrations of modern control strategies.

Armfield’s professional services team offer installation, commissioning and training on site to ensure that laboratories and research centres are able to fully utilise all equipment at the earliest opportunity.

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Armfield S6-MKII laboratory flow channel

The Armfield S6-MKII laboratory flow channel is one of the most important tools available to the hydraulics or civil engineer whether engaged in teaching basic principles or researching solutions to practical problems. Many applications in fluid mechanics are associated with the flow of water through an open channel where the water has a free surface that is exposed to the air at atmospheric pressure.

The flumes are available in different lengths from 5 to 15m (in 2.5m sections) and examples are installed in educational and research establishments throughout the world.

A comprehensive range of accessories and measuring instruments are available including discharge control, wave generation and a closed loop for sediment transport studies.

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Kombucha and Armfield

The ancient recipe for Kombucha involves only tea leaves, sugar, water and the mother culture of bacteria and yeast. Adjusting the quantities of the ingredients will change the flavour of the final beverage so no two drinks from different brewers will taste the same.

The process must be monitored and refined to maintain your unique flavour and keep consistency between batches. This is where Armfield can help with the FT140X.

The temperature of the drink can be monitored and controlled throughout the process meaning it is kept consistent between consecutive batches. With built in low-speed agitators you can periodically mix the batch to improve the contact of the yeast and bacteria to the sugars, lowering the time needed to ferment and increasing your final yield. The double jacket gives close temperature control throughout the fermentation process giving you repeatable and unbeatable results.

For bottling your winning products, the Armfield FT102X gives consistent filling and carbonation (if required) capabilities for reproducible results every batch.
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Armfield Remote Controlled Equipment

As innovators of engineering educational equipment, it is not new for Armfield Ltd to offer remote access on their products. Self-based learning in the current environment is key and Armfield provide students and lecturers with the access and capability required to continue comprehensive teaching.

Engaging students in their subject is paramount, especially with restrictions on face to face teaching, so by providing access, to a user based system that not only allows you real time data logging but also to remotely control equipment, is a necessity in teaching going forward.

New Agent in Pakistan

Armfield supports local territories by working with agents with industry expertise across the world.

Supported closely by our in-house dedicated Area Sales Managers your local agent is fully briefed on our suite of products and kept up to date with the latest developments and enhancements.

We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with National Scientific Corporation who will be working as our exclusive agent in Pakistan and we welcome to the Armfield family.

TH6 Film & Dropwise Condensation Unit

The Armfield TH6 Film & Dropwise Condensation Unit enables students to gain a knowledge of two fundamental condensation processes and how they affect efficiencies and heat transfer, found in industries such as steam power plants and distillation operations.

Used to demonstrate dropwise condensation, demonstrated by means of the condenser with a polished gold-plated surface and film condensation which forms on the matt copper surface of the second condenser.

The pressure in the main vessel can be reduced using a water jet pump to allow the student to observe it’s influence. Additionally, boiling point can be varied by a combination of changing the pressure in the system and controlling the heating power or water temperature by simple controls. The TH6 additionally includes the ability to undertake experimentation into the influence of non-condensing gases on the condensation processes.

Sensors record the temperature, pressure (vacuum) and flow rates at all relevant points. These measured values along with heater power are displayed via the unique ArmBUS software system which also includes inbuilt equations and a data export functionality for off-line analysis.

Armfield FT25 Scraped Surface Heat exchanger

New Generation Crystallisers

Armfield have released the new generation of R&D Scraped Surface Heat exchanger crystallisers for fats, oils and ice cream. Mounted on a very small footprint frame, our systems allow you to process up to pressures of 40 bar, option dependent.

Based on collaboration with industry an enhanced scaled down version of a production plant has been created allowing for rapid testing of new and existing formulations in the laboratory. Parameters can be altered quickly allowing for optimisation of the process, with the data being logged for QA/QC purposes.

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Armfield Process Control Teaching System

Introduce students to the fundamentals and principles of process control with Armfield’s Essentials of Process Control range.

A highly visible and easy to understand suite of products to demonstrate controlled variables of level, flow, temperature and pressure. ArmSOFT software allows control and data acquisition using a PC including, when testing any of the control loops, the ability to control the process and initiation of step changes as well as response recording through graphing. This real time data can then be exported for further analysis, see more at

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