F Series - Fluid Mechanics

The Armfield Fluid Mechanics range plays a fundamental role in engineering teaching across multiple disciplines.

The comprehensive range covers the complete curriculum requirement in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical Engineering and Food Technology encompassing subjects such as Hydrostatics and Properties of Fluids, Fluid Dynamics, Open Channel Flow (Free Surface Flow), Flow Around Bodies, Compressible Flow, Rotodynamic Machines.

F1-10 Hydraulics Bench, F12 – Particle Draw Coefficients, F1-11 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Calibrator, F1-12 Hydrostatic Pressure, F1-13 Flow Over Weir, F1-14 Metacentric Height, F1-15 Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration, F1-16 Impact of a Jet, F1-17 Orifice and Free Jet Flow, F1-17A Orifice Discharge, F1-18 Energy Losses in Pipes, F1-19 Flow Channel, F1-20 Osbourne Reynolds’ Demonstration, F1-21 Flow Meter Demonstration, F1-22 Energy Losses in Bends and Fittings, F1-23 Free and Forced Vortex, F1-24 Hydraulic Ram, F1-25 Demonstration Pelton Turbine, F1-27 Centrifugal Pump Characteristics, F1-28 Cavitation Demonstration, F1-29 Fluid Statics and Manometry, F1-30 Fluid Properties Apparatus, F1-31 Pascal’s Apparatus, F1-32 Francis Turbine, F1-33 Pitot Tube Demonstrator, F1-35 Series/Parallel Pumps, F9092 Fluid Properties & Hydrostatics Bench

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