Armfield Product Videos

We have produced a number of videos to help our customers get more information regarding Armfield’s range of specialist equipment.

Armfield W5_MKIITeaser

New and improved with electronic flow and pressure sensors. The laboratory-scale Armfield Deep Bed Filter Column has been designed to operate identically to full-scale granular filters. Using the same bed depth and filter media, tests on this unit provide operational data, which may be scaled up to full size.

EF Series Teaser Video

Part of a comprehensive range of engineering topic trainers. Provides students with a solid grounding in engineering fundamentals! The EF series establishes the basis of Armfield’s extensive range of engineering teaching and research equipment, for learning and discovery from Year 11 all the way up-to and including Masters level.

EF-series-video_Kinematics-Simple Mechanisms-3_2_6

Engineering Fundamentals - Kinematics - Simple Mechanisms The Armfield EF-3.2 - Kinematics - Simple Mechanisms experiment kit enables students to visualise and understand the different types of mechanical systems and the conversion of linear motion to rotary motion and vice versa.

Armfield FT17 Cross Flow Membrane Filtration

Membrane filtration of a liquid using sintered, ceramic or polymer disc membranes. The Armfield FT17 Cross Flow Membrane Filtration unit is demonstrated in an end-to-end process and includes the set-up procedure.

Aseptic processing using Armfield's FT74xts and FT83

Aseptic processing in the R&D lab with Armfield’s FT74xts and FT83 Featuring Armfield's FT74xts HTST/UHT system linked to the FT83 Sterile filler.

Armfield Industrial Food Technology Product Conveyor

Armfield Industrial Food Technology Product Conveyor Armfield can provide a complete solution to your requirements, offering not just the equipment but processing line advice, planning, installation, commissioning and training.

Armfield C16 Hydrogen Bubble Flow Video

Armfield C16 Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System The Armfield Hydrogen Bubble Flow Visualisation System has been designed to enable viewing of the complex flow patterns associated with water flowing past solid objects or boundaries. The hydrogen bubble technique is highly visual and is particularly useful for laboratory and lecture theatre work. A stream of small hydrogen bubbles accurately follows the water and clearly shows any changes in the direction of the water as it flows around objects in its path. The new C16 includes a smaller electronic control console that incorporates improved digital controls and a low-voltage LED lighting module. This enables improved illumination of the bubbles for clearer demonstrations.

Armfield F1-10 Bench Teaser

The Armfield F1-10 Digital Hydraulics Bench, supports F,C & S series of accessories
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