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The Armfield Unit Operations range provides a series of products designed to allow in depth teaching and investigation into the individual basic steps in a process relating to Chemical engineering and associated fields.
Each product can be considered to have a single function in a potentially multiple step process, involving a physical change or chemical transformation such as separation, crystallisation, evaporation, distillation, filtration, extraction, absorption and drying.

UOP3CC & UOP3BM – Distillation Columns

UOP4-MKII – Solid-Liquid Extraction Unit
AC1 – Air compressor (Optional)

UOP5-MKII – Liquid-Liquid Extraction Unit
AC1 – Air compressor (Optional)

UOP6-MKII – Basic Water Cooling Tower
UOP6-MKII-23 – Packing characteristics accessory (Optional)

UOP7-MKII – Gas Absorption Column

UOP8-MKII – Computer Controlled Tray Dryer

UOP10 – Laboratory Steam
UOP10-10 – Blow Down Separator

UOP12 – Filtration Unit
UOP12-10 – Tangential Flow Filter Accessory

UOP14-MKII – Crystallisation Unit
UOP14-11 – Continuous Feed Accessory
UOP14-12 – Buchner Filtration Accessory

UOP15 – Fixed Bed Absorption Unit

UOP20X (STM or PHW) – Modular Evaporator Series
UOP22-11 – Rising film evaporator column (1st effect, 1st position)
UOP22-22 – Rising film evaporator column (2nd effect, 2nd position)
UOP23-11 – Falling film evaporator column (1st effect, 1st position)
UOP23-22 – Falling film evaporator column (2nd effect, 2nd position)
UOP23-12 – Falling film evaporator column (1st effect, 2nd position)

UOP30 – 3-Phase Horizontal Separator

Montana State University

Armfield recently visited Stephanie Wettstein at the chemical engineering department, Montana State University to complete the installation of the UOP3CC Continuous Computer Controlled Distillation Column.

As innovators of educational engineering equipment Armfield have developed this state-of-the-art laboratory based distillation column to enable safe hands on practical training for student engineers and plant operators as well as empowering research in different fields to be conducted.

The UOP3CC enables a range of demonstrations from the introductory stages of a process engineering course through to the more complex demonstrations of modern control strategies.

Armfield’s professional services team offer installation, commissioning and training on site to ensure that laboratories and research centres are able to fully utilise all equipment at the earliest opportunity.

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