CE Series - Chemical Engineering

Armfield’s CE and UOP ranges of products, offer the most comprehensive, diverse and technically current group of products of any manufacturer

The CE range brings the many principles of chemical engineering to the modern educational laboratory.
CEXC – Computer Controlled Chemical Reactors Training Equipment
CEM-MKII – Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
CET-MKII – Tubular Reactor
CEB-MKII – Transparent Batch Reactor
CEY – Plug Flow Reactor
CEZ – Laminar Flow Reactor
CEP-MkII – Stirred Tank Reactors in Series
CEU – Catalytic Reactors
CEL-MKII – Fixed and Fluidised Bed Apparatus
CEK-MKII – Fluid Mixing Studies
CEN-MkII – Solids Handling Study Bench
CEQ – Corrosion Studies Kit
CERa-MkII & CERb – Mass Transfer and Diffusion Coefficients
CES – Wetted Wall Gas Absorption Column

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