SV Series - Statics & Vibrations

The Armfield Structures range teaches principles of structures for mechanical civil and structural engineering. Allowing practical hands on experiments into pin-jointed frameworks. SV100 – Bench mounted frame, SV200 – Pin-Jointed frameworks (roof and Warren truss), SV201 – Redundant Truss, SV202 – Forces in a Truss (Resolution), SV300 – Combined Shear Force and Bending Moment Apparatus, SV301 Shear Force in a Beam, SV302 – Bending Moments in a Beam, SV303 – Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers, SV304 – Equilibrium of Forces, SV305 – Suspension Cable, SV306 – Bending Stress in a Beam, SV400 – Simple Suspension Bridge, SV401 – Deflection of a Frame, SV402-Suspended Centre Span Bridge, SV403 – Three Pinned Arch, SV404 – Two Pinned Arch, SV405 – Semi Circular Arch, SV500 – Continuous and Indeterminate Beams, SV501 – Plastic Bending of Beams, SV502 – Plastic Bending of Portals, SV503 – Deflection of Curved Bars

The Statics & Vibrations range has provided the fundamentals for Mechanical and Civil Engineering students the world over. SD-1.10 – Universal bench mounted frame, DT-8.00 – Torsion of bars apparatus, DT – 8.01 – Strut buckling apparatus, DT-8.02 – Suspended beam apparatus, DT-8.03 – Two hunged arch beam apparatus, DT-8.04 – Portal frame apparatus, DT-8.05 Deflection of curved bars apparatus, DT-8.06 – Bending moment & shearing force apparatus, SD-1.26 – Friction apparatus, SD-3.11 – Unsymmetrical cantilever apparatus, SD-3.12 – Universal strut apparatus, SD-3.13 – Beam deflection apparatus, SD-3.50 – Thin cylinder apparatus, SD-4.00 Twist & bend testing machine, SD-4.13 Simple vibration, SD-4.13A Free & forced vibration apparatus, SD-4.14 – Torsional oscillation apparatus, SD-5.12 – Simple balancing apparatus.

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