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Armfield announce the successful launch of our FT102XA Carbonator.

At Armfield Ltd, we’re driving innovation in the food and beverage industry. Introducing our game-changing miniature technology, engineered to streamline your operations.

▪ Experience faster results and cost savings like never before.
▪ No more delays or budget overruns.

Embrace efficiency and achieve your goals with Armfield’s ground-breaking solutions. Exciting news for the food and beverage industry!

Armfield are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our FT102XA Carbonator. This cutting-edge equipment brings exceptional carbonation capabilities to beverage manufacturers, ensuring consistent quality and taste.

Elevate your R & D with our advanced carbonation and filling technology.

▪ Reduced minimum batch volumes
▪ Ability to carbonate highly foaming products
▪ Space saving internally mounted chiller

Food Ingredients Exhibition in Frankfurt

Join Armfield at the Food Ingredients Exhibition in Frankfurt 30th November – 2nd December! The team will be there to welcome you and talk about your research and development needs. We can provide expert knowledge in small scale processing systems such as:
– carbonators
– pasteurisers
– mixing and separation
– solvent extractors
– spray drying
– oils refining systems
– and much more!

We are happy to help with any questions you might have, no matter how small!

Our booth is 31J82 so please drop by or book an appointment through the app to see a specific member of our team.

Kombucha and Armfield

The ancient recipe for Kombucha involves only tea leaves, sugar, water and the mother culture of bacteria and yeast. Adjusting the quantities of the ingredients will change the flavour of the final beverage so no two drinks from different brewers will taste the same.

The process must be monitored and refined to maintain your unique flavour and keep consistency between batches. This is where Armfield can help with the FT140X.

The temperature of the drink can be monitored and controlled throughout the process meaning it is kept consistent between consecutive batches. With built in low-speed agitators you can periodically mix the batch to improve the contact of the yeast and bacteria to the sugars, lowering the time needed to ferment and increasing your final yield. The double jacket gives close temperature control throughout the fermentation process giving you repeatable and unbeatable results.

For bottling your winning products, the Armfield FT102X gives consistent filling and carbonation (if required) capabilities for reproducible results every batch.
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