EF Series - Engineering Fundamentals

The Armfield EF Engineering Fundamentals series is a teaching system aimed at Schools (STEM), Colleges and University Undergraduates. Designed to enable students to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of engineering science, by the process of learning via hands-on experimentation.
Engineering Fundamentals – EF-BU Base Unit, EF-1.1, Statics Forces, EF-1.2 Statics Moments – Engineering Fundamentals, EF-1.3 Statics Beams, EF-1.4 Statics Springs, EF-1.5 Statics Torsion, EF-2.2 Simple Harmonic Motion, EF-3.2 Kinematics Simple Mechanisms, EF-WS Workstation.
Fluid Science – FS-SU Fluid Science Service Unit, FS-1.1 Fluid Science Flow Measurement. FS-1.2 Energy Losses in Straight Pipes, FS-1.3 Energy Losses in Bends, FS-2.1 Manometer – Inclined, FS-2.2 Manometer – U Tube, FS-3.1 Shell & Heat Exchanger, FS-3.2 Tubular Exchanger, FS-3.3 Cross Flow, FS-3.4 Plate, FS-4.1 Manometer – Fluidised Bed.

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