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Water Resource Management

Current studies in geoscience and earth science looks at the processes that shape the earth’s surface, natural resources and how water and ecosystems are interconnected. As well as the effects these have caused in the past, present and what changes may need to be implemented for the future.

The Armfield Ltd FEL and S Series – These range of products offers both laboratory and field-learning opportunities. It also introduces such diverse topics as crop water requirements, erosion, soil moisture content, ground water flow, plant water need and sprinkler irrigation systems.

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S6-MKIII Teaching Flume

The S6-MKIII laboratory flow channel is one of the most important tools available to the hydraulics or civil engineer whether engaged in teaching basic principles or researching solutions to practical problems. Developed during 30 years of continuous production, examples are installed in educational and research establishments throughout the world.

The flumes are assembled from modular sections of 2.5m length to suit the application, short versions for basic investigations and longer versions for investigations of gradually varied flow profiles with non-uniform channel flow.

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Flood research – S100 tilting Research Flume Newcastle University

Armfield Ltd’s 12.5m free discharge S100 tilting Research Flume installed at University of Newcastle Fluid Science Department. The system is capable of controlled water flow up to 400l/s at water depths up to 0.8m deep.

Our engineers have designed a flume to carry out flood event studies, leaky barriers, dams giving away, effect on structures and more. This flume furthers our involvement in creating equipment for erosion studies, please contact us for more information or talk to us about your requirements.

To maximise available tilt (to 5%) the flume was designed to sit within the existing sump tanks, unique features included a bespoke flood dam system enabling research into flood events and a sediment recirculation system capable of handling solids up to 10mm. Water depth is controlled using Armfield’s unique venetian blind weir all fully automated through the integrated touchscreen control panel.

This project adds to a suite of flumes in the Novak lab which comprises of two S3 flumes dating back to the 1960’s and one 1970’s S6 unit, all of which are still in constant use.

Coastal research, environmental modelling

Water engineering research continues to be paramount in areas such as coastal research, environmental modelling, sediment transportation and irrigation studies. For over 50 years, Armfield have designed and supplied major research and teaching flumes worldwide.

The education teaching flumes allowing fluvial mechanics experiments to be carried out in related topics such as river flow and sediment transport, initiation and characteristics of bed-load motion,
general and local scour in open channel flow.

Bespoke open channels to suit specific design criteria can be produced by the Armfield engineering team. Our team utilise their extensive knowledge to deliver a product designed to give the best possible performance over a wide range of applications with user friendly control and instrumentation.

Armfield’s responsibility covers design, materials and parts, fabrication, delivery to site, final layout of the work on the site,installation and finishing of the flume to a complete operating condition, all overseen by our dedicated professional services team.

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Armfield Research Flumes

Water engineering research continues to be paramount in areas such as coastal research, environmental modelling, sediment transportation and irrigation studies. For over 50 years, Armfield have been designing and supplying open channel facilities (also referred to as flumes) to hydraulic laboratories throughout the world.

Our brochure presents the standard range of channels/flumes available from Armfield for teaching and research purposes. Bespoke sizes and layouts to suit specific design criteria can be produced and the Armfield engineering team work closely with our customers to make sure the brief, deadline and installation designs are fully met.

All our flumes are supplied under the guidance of the Armfield professional service team who will oversee the transportation, installation, commissioning and training on site.