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Coastal research, environmental modelling

Water engineering research continues to be paramount in areas such as coastal research, environmental modelling, sediment transportation and irrigation studies. For over 50 years, Armfield have designed and supplied major research and teaching flumes worldwide.

The education teaching flumes allowing fluvial mechanics experiments to be carried out in related topics such as river flow and sediment transport, initiation and characteristics of bed-load motion,
general and local scour in open channel flow.

Bespoke open channels to suit specific design criteria can be produced by the Armfield engineering team. Our team utilise their extensive knowledge to deliver a product designed to give the best possible performance over a wide range of applications with user friendly control and instrumentation.

Armfield’s responsibility covers design, materials and parts, fabrication, delivery to site, final layout of the work on the site,installation and finishing of the flume to a complete operating condition, all overseen by our dedicated professional services team.

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Newcastle S100 Research Flume

Armfield’s Research Flume, designed by our engineers to carry out flood event studies, was installed earlier this year at Newcastle University’s Fluid Science Department. During the commissioning of this key research equipment footage was taken showing the capabilities on environmental research including areas such as leaky barriers, dams giving away, effect on structures and more. The flume features sediment recirculation, up to a 5% tilt, touch screen control, subfloor reservoir tank and wavemaker.

This project adds to a suite of flumes in the Novak lab which are still in constant use.

Watch the video here: