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Armfield Fluid Machines

The FM53 Plunger Pump Demonstration Unit replicates those used in industry in a wide variety of applications such as cleaning or process technology in the chemical industry.

The plunger or ram pump is used for pumping small quantities of liquid at high pressure. Electronic sensors measure the instantaneous cylinder pressure within the pump, the pump displacement and the cumulative flow.

Computer controlled with datalogging the FM53 is one of Armfield’s vast range of units with remote access capabilities.

See the extensive range of fluid machine demonstration units at or contact to discuss your remote access needs.

New Agent in Pakistan

Armfield supports local territories by working with agents with industry expertise across the world.

Supported closely by our in-house dedicated Area Sales Managers your local agent is fully briefed on our suite of products and kept up to date with the latest developments and enhancements.

We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered with National Scientific Corporation who will be working as our exclusive agent in Pakistan and we welcome to the Armfield family.

TH6 Film & Dropwise Condensation Unit

The Armfield TH6 Film & Dropwise Condensation Unit enables students to gain a knowledge of two fundamental condensation processes and how they affect efficiencies and heat transfer, found in industries such as steam power plants and distillation operations.

Used to demonstrate dropwise condensation, demonstrated by means of the condenser with a polished gold-plated surface and film condensation which forms on the matt copper surface of the second condenser.

The pressure in the main vessel can be reduced using a water jet pump to allow the student to observe it’s influence. Additionally, boiling point can be varied by a combination of changing the pressure in the system and controlling the heating power or water temperature by simple controls. The TH6 additionally includes the ability to undertake experimentation into the influence of non-condensing gases on the condensation processes.

Sensors record the temperature, pressure (vacuum) and flow rates at all relevant points. These measured values along with heater power are displayed via the unique ArmBUS software system which also includes inbuilt equations and a data export functionality for off-line analysis.

Armfield Dissectible Pumps & Valves

Prepare students for future careers in industrial jobs with the Armfield Machine Elements range. Perfect for learning industrial skills such as pump & valve operation, disassembly, refurbishment and re-assembly via hands on practical application.

Designed for easy storage and supplied in a toughened case each set includes a full tool kit, manuals and laminated job worksheets.