FEL3 – Rainfall Simulator


FEL3 – Rainfall Simulator


The FEL3 Rainfall Simulator can be used in the laboratory or in the field for a wide range of research from studies of infiltration under sprinkler irrigation to estimating soil loss in high intensity tropical storms.

Erodibility of soils can be studied in the laboratory and the influence of crop cover on the effect of rainfall can also be investigated.

It is ideal for investigating the relationship between rainfall and soil erosion, the nature of soil erosion potential on different soil types and identifying methods by which erosion may be prevented.

The Armfield Rainfall Simulator consists of a metal frame that supports the spray head assembly. The unit may be placed directly on the ground for field studies or used with its accessory tray for laboratory experiments. In use, water is pumped from the holding tank via a control valve to the spray nozzle.

Water from the spray nozzle is interrupted by a horizontal rotating disc driven by a variable speed motor. Adjustable width apertures in the disc allow some water to pass and the remainder is recirculated via the tank. For use in field or laboratory electrical and water supplies are required.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits


  • Investigate the relationship between rainfall intensity and soil erosion
  • Investigate the nature of soil erosion potential on different soil types
  • Investigate the methods by which soil erosion may be prevented
  • Determine the kinetic energy of simulated rainfall at various rainfall intensities
  • Obtain a relationship between splash erosion and intensity of simulated rainfall

Rainfall Simulator comprising:

  • Spray head assembly supported by metal stand
  • Storage tank from which water is pumped to spray head via flow meter and control valve
  • Small square test plots
  • Field test plots
  • Tilting stand for test plots
  • Sample vessels
  • Rain gauges
  • Complete with instruction manual

Electrical supply:

FEL3-A: 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz
FEL3-B: 120V/1Ph/60Hz
FEL3-G: 220-240V/1Ph/60Hz

Cold water supply


Volume: 3.9m³

Gross Weight: 576kg

Length: 2.65m

Width: 1.60m

Height: 2.70m

  • FEL3-A: 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz
  • FEL3-B: 120V/1Ph/60Hz
  • FEL3-G: 220-240V/1Ph/60Hz