F1-24 Hydraulic Ram


F1-24 Hydraulic Ram

If flowing water is suddenly brought to rest in a long pipe, a phenomenon known as water hammer occurs, which produces a pressure wave that travels along the pipe.

This principle is used in the hydraulic ram to pump water.


The Hydraulic Ram comprises an acrylic base incorporating pulse and non-return valves and a supply reservoir on a stand which is fed by the hydraulics bench. An air vessel above the valve chamber smooths cyclic fluctuations from the ram delivery.

The weights supplied may be applied to the pulse valve to change the closing pressure and thus the operating characteristics.

Technical Specifications

Supply head: 300-700mm variable
Delivery head: 750-1500mm variable

Requires Hydraulics Bench Service unit F1-10/F1-10-2

Features & Benefits


  • To demonstrate the operating principles of the hydraulic ram
  • Establishing flow/pressure characteristics and determining efficiency of the hydraulic ram

Length: 0.75m
Width: 0.33m
Height: 1.62m


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