F1-14 MKII Metacentric Height


F1-14 MKII Metacentric Height

This equipment enables a thorough investigation of the factors affecting the stability of a floating body. The metacentre will produce stable and unstable equilibrium, a plumb-bob is suspended from a mast, indicating the angle of heel on a calibrated scale.


The position of the metacentre can be varied to produce stable and unstable equilibrium.

The equipment consists of a plastic rectangular floating pontoon where the centre of gravity can be varied by an adjustable weight which slides and can be clamped in any position on a vertical mast.

A single plumb bob is suspended from the mast which indicates the angle of heel on a calibrated scale. A weight with lateral adjustment enables the degree of heel to be varied and hence the stability of the pontoon determined.

The equipment does not require a separate water tank as it may be used on the hydraulics bench by filling the volumetric tank.

Technical Specifications

Max angle of heel: ±13°
Corresponding linear dimension: ±90mm

Features & Benefits


  • Determining the centre of gravity of the pontoon
  • Determining the metacentric height and from this the position of the metacentre for the pontoon
  • Varying the metacentric height with angle of heel

Length: 0.35m

Width: 0.20m

Height: 0.475m


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