F1-13-Flow Over Weir


F1-13-Flow Over Weir

The Flow Over Weirs consists of five basic elements used in conjunction with the flow channel in the moulded benchtop of the Hydraulics Bench.


The Flow Over Weirs accessory consists of five basic elements, used in conjunction with the flow channel, in the moulded bench top of the Hydraulics Bench. Two weir plates of different shapes are provided enabling familiarisation and comparison with theory.

A quick-release connector in the base of the channel is unscrewed and a delivery nozzle screwed in its place.

A stilling baffle locates into slots in the walls of the channel. The combination of the inlet nozzle and stilling baffle promote smooth flow conditions in the channel.

A Vernier hook and point gauge is mounted on an instrument carrier, which is located on the side channels of the moulded top. The carrier may be moved along the channels to the required measurement position.

The rectangular notch weir or V notch weir to be tested is clamped to the weir carrier in the channel by thumb nuts. The stainless steel weir plates incorporate captive studs to aid assembly.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits


  • Demonstrating the characteristics of flow over a rectangular notch
  • Demonstrating the characteristics of flow over a V notch
  • Determining the coefficient of discharge

Hydraulics Bench Service unit F1-10

Overall dimensions of weir plate

Thickness: 0.002m
Width: 0.23m
Height: 0.16m

Dimensions of rectangular notch

Width: 0.03m
Height: 0.082m

Angle of V notch weir: 90° inclusive

Hook & point gauge range: 0-150mm
Accuracy: 0.1mm

Requires Hydraulics Bench Service unit F1-10


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