FT14 Plate and Frame Filter Press


FT14 Plate and Frame Filter Press

A small plate pack mounted on a stainless steel framework, enabling demonstration of filler operation. This type of filter is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, brewing and distilling industries. The laboratory size unit is robust and versatile. A high degree of experimentation for scale-up to industrial process including several grades of filter media.


The unit is mounted on a stainless steel, floor standing frame onto which the filter, feed pump and pipework are attached. A stainless  steel drip tray is also included.

Four grades of filter media are supplied suitable for: pre-coat filter-aid, coarse clarifying,  polishing and sterilisation. The small stainless steel plate pack allows ease of handling. Making teaching demonstrations more convenient.

The filter pack between the end castings is made up of one end and three intermediate thick  turbid frames and one end and three intermediate filter plates. The filter will take a dressing of 7 x 200mm x 200mm filter sheets giving a nominal filtering surface area of 0.22m² and a nominal solids holding capacity of 1.5 litres.

The slurry to be filtered is connected by hose to the pump suction, and the pump is connected to a suitable electricity supply. A hose fitted to the filter outlet takes the clear filtrate to a suitable receiving vessel. The plate pack has been designed to allow washing of the filter cake when filtering is complete. A pressure gauge situated at the filter inlet is used to monitor the filtering process.

Feed/Circulating Pump
Centrifugal pump of all stainless steel construction with polished internals.

Maximum flow rate: 18.0 l/min

Maximum head: 2.0 bar

Motor: 0.25kW @ 2,800rpm

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions .73 × .3 × .57 m

Technical Specifications

Feed/Circulating Pump:    Centrifugal pump of stainless steel construction with polished internals

Maximum flow rate:           18.0 litres/min

Maximum head:                  2.0 bar

Motor:                                  0.25kW 2800 rpm

Features & Benefits

Accurate for Education and research

Versatile unit for uses in:  Food / Pharmaceutical / Brewing / Distilling Industries

Simple design enabling easy cleaning

Four grades of filter media supplied:  Pre-coat filter aid / Coarse clarifying / Polish / Sterilisation

High degree of experimentation for scale-up to industrial processes


  • Feed tank
  • Product collecting vessel
  • Flexible hose

Electricity supply:

FT14-A:  220-240V/1ph/50Hz

FT14-B:  120V/1ph/60Hz

FT14-G:  220-240V/1ph/60Hz

Overall dimensions

Length: 0.73m

Width: 0.30m

Height: 0.57m

Packed and created shipping specifications Volume: 0.5m³

Gross Weight: 120Kg

  • FT14-A
  • FT14-B
  • FT14-G
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