FT19 Autoclave


FT19 Autoclave

The Armfield Autoclave FT19 is a laboratory-scale portable autoclave suitable for in-container sterilisation of food products and microbiological media.


The autoclave is heated by an electrical element. The temperature inside the vessel is measured using a PT100 probe. The time and temperature for the autoclave cycle are set by the operator.

There are four preprogrammed time temperature cycles:

– 30 minutes at 115°C

– 60 minutes at 115°C

– 15 minutes at 121°C

– 30 minutes at 121°C

There is also one variable cycle that can be set by the operator and is stored in memory. Operating temperature range is 100-121°C and cycle time is 1-99 minutes. Once the sterilisation cycle has been defined and the start button pressed, the unit automatically runs through the cycle. An audible beep informs the operator when the cycle is complete and a second beep indicates a safe temperature has been reached to open the vessel. The vessel is held closed by six locking points, which prevent the vessel from being opened when it is under pressure.

The FT19-10 option provides a stainless steel wire mesh basket with lifting handle (240mm Ø x 220mm deep).

Technical Specifications

  • Laboratory-scale portable autoclave
  • Vessel volume: 15l
  • Maximum operating temperature: 121°C
  • Cycle times: 1-99 minutes
  • Pressure adjustment:  Adjustable safety valve
  • Lid fastening:  6 locking points
  • Safety:  Resettable thermal cut-out

Features & Benefits

  • Highly portable autoclave requiring no plumbing to operate
  • Time/temperature cycles can be defined to suit specific applications
  • Sanitary 316 stainless steel construction and easily wiped down
  • Lid is removable for full-width access


  • Temperature range of 100-121°C
  • Adjustable temperature and time set points with four pre-set cycles
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • 15l capacity as standard, but also available with 22l or 30l capacities


Electricity supply

FT19-A: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz

FT19-B: 120V/1ph/60Hz

FT19-G: 220-240V/1ph/60Hz

Packed and created shipping specifications

Volume:  0.1m3

Gross Weight:  24Kg

Length:  0.39m

Width:    0.37m

Height:   0.49m

  • FT19-A
  • FT19-B
  • FT19-G
  • FT19-10

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