FT43 Laboratory Pasteuriser


FT43 Laboratory Pasteuriser


This self-contained laboratory unit is suitable for HTST (high temperature, short time) pasteurisation of up to 20 litres/hour of a wide variety of low-viscosity liquid foods. Products that may be pasteurised include raw milk, nectars, fruit juices, skimmed milk, ice-cream mix, soft drinks, pharmaceuticals and margarine emulsion.

A CIP (clean-in-place) facility is incorporated which allows disinfection, pre-rinsing, detergent washing and final rinsing. The ability to vary process conditions has been built into the unit in the form of the following features:

  • Variable speed, peristaltic, hygienic feed pump allowing flow rate variations
  • Plate-type stainless steel heat exchanger – the cooling, regenerating and heating sections, mounted on a common frame work, are easily dismantled to allow re-configuration and inspection of the heat transfer surfaces
  • Electrically heated hot water circulating system for both pasteurisation and CIP cycles – any required holding tube outlet temperature is set on the indicating microprocessor-based power output controller of the water heater
  • Stainless steel holding tube, allowing holding times between five seconds and two minutes
  • Flow rates of feed pump, cooling water and hot water are monitored accurately
  • Temperatures in the system are monitored with thermocouple sensors at each of six chosen locations (nine available)
  • Maximum process temperature 85°C

Technical Specifications

Optional 15-second holding tube included in supply

Features & Benefits


  • Tests can be carried out quickly and easily
  • Simulates the conditions used in a production plant
  • Small quantities of liquid product can be processed


  • Miniature plate heat exchanger
  • Fully self-contained design with integral hot water system
  • Choice of holding tubes
  • Variable product temperature and holding time
  • Control console incorporating comprehensive instrumentation
  • CIP facility benchtop operation



  • Individual conditioning for each temperature sensor
  • Digital display unit with 6-way selector switch for temperature indication
  • Display resolution ±0.1°C, accuracy ±1°C
  • Data logging outputs: 6-channel analogue output 0-1V proportional to temperature
  • Output port (on/off switch) for monitoring 3-way diverter-valve operation


After an initial disinfecting process, the raw liquid is placed in the feed tank [5] and pumped [4] to the regenerative section [2] of the heat exchanger. The liquid passes to the heating section [3] to be brought up to pasteurising temperature. Any product not at the required temperature after passing through the holding tube [6] is diverted back to the feed tank by a diverting valve [7] through the action of the temperature controller [10].

Heating is accomplished using water at a high flow rate only 5-6°C hotter than the pasteurising closed-circuit system [8] also controlled by temperature controller [10].

The product then passes back through the regenerator [2] and the cooler [1] to storage. (The final cooler [1] has been designed to achieve product temperatures below 10°C provided a chilled water unit is available in the laboratory.)

The regenerator is capable of achieving a high degree of heat recovery by using the surplus heat from the outgoing hot pasteurised liquid to preheat the cold liquid feed.

FT43-DTA-ALITE Data Logging Accessory

This accessory allows the six temperature sensor outputs to be logged on a PC. The package includes all hardware, software and connecting leads required (excluding the PC itself).

The software is compatible with Windows operating systems and provides a user-friendly operator interface with a flexible range of logging and display options. The logged data can be stored and subsequently analysed by most general purpose spreadsheets.

The software requires a PC (not supplied by Armfield), running Windows 98 or above, with a USB port.

Optional 15-second holding tube included in supply

  • Self-contained, bench-mounted HTST pasteuriser of up to 20 l/hr capacity. CIP facility included. Main components made of stainless steel

Special features:

  • Pump: hygienic design peristaltic type with variable-speed drive, maximum capacity 100 l/hr (for CIP)
  • Pipe fittings: stainless steel and food quality silicone tubing
  • Hot water system: 1.5kW immersion type heater, self-filling water tank
  • Hot water pump: magnetic-coupled circulator. Maximum pressure 0.15 bar, capacity 3 l/min
  • Diverter valve: stainless steel, 3-way solenoid type
  • Pasteurisation temperature controller: microprocessor-based controller, providing time-proportioned PID action to the heater, range 0-100°C, accuracy of indication ±0.5°C
  • Temperature measurement: 6 sheathed sensors, for use in 9 possible measurement points
  • Process temperatures up to 85 °C
  • A user instruction manual provides installation, commissioning and maintenance data, together with project exercises

Electrical supply

FT43A-A: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz/13 amp

FT43A-G: 220-240V/1ph/60Hz/13 amp

Water: A supply of cold tap water is required for the cooling section. If a chilled product is required this can be achieved with a chilled water supply or by performing final chilling in a refrigerator.

FT43A Pasteuriser

Height: 0.70m

Width: 0.80m

Depth: 0.60m

Control console

Height: 0.20m

Width: 0.35m

Depth: 0.30m

FT43A with console

Volume: 1.0m³

Gross weight: 145kg


Volume: 0.02m³

Gross weight: 4kg

FT43A-A: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz/13 amp

FT43A-G: 220-240V/1ph/60Hz/13 amp

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