EF-WS Workstation


EF-WS Workstation

The Engineering Fundamentals range is designed to enable students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of engineering by the process of learning via hands-on experimentation.


The workstation can be used as a demonstration platform at the front of the classroom, but also doubles up as a storage unit for the experiment trays and EF-BU Base Units.

Castors are fitted to the Workstation which enable it to be easily moved between locations.

(Trays and base units not included)

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to store both the experiment trays and base units
  • The workstation can be configured to store:- Up to 12 base units and a maximum of 18 trays (2 base units occupy the space of 1 tray)- 12 base units and 12 trays- 18 trays if storing no base units
  • Flat top can be used as a demonstration platform
  • Castors allow the workstation and its contents to be easily moved between locations


  • 4 x 250g weights set on hanger
  • 4 x Roller
  • 1 x Magnetic protractor assy
  • 5 x Acrylic / perspex fluorescent lava orange colour (translucent)
  • 3mm Irregular shape (142.5 x 267.7mm)
  • 3mm Triangular shape (149.3 x 288.5mm)
  • 3mm Rectangular shape (140 x 240mm)
  • 3mm Semi-circular shape (140mm with r120)
  • 3mm Parallelogram shape (42.5 x 140 x 77.2mm)
  • Black Rexel magnetic dry erase marker

  •  EF-BU Base Unit

Statics Experiments

  • EF-1.1 Engineering Fundamentals Force
  • EF-1.2 Engineering Fundamentals Moments
  • EF-1.3a Engineering Fundamentals Beams
  • EF-1.3b Engineering Fundamentals Trusses
  • EF-1.4 Engineering Fundamentals Springs
  • EF-1.5 Engineering Fundamentals Torsion

Dynamics Experiments

  • EF-2.1 Engineering Fundamentals Friction
  • EF-2.2 Engineering Fundamentals Simple Harmonic Motion
  • EF-2.3 Engineering Fundamentals Rotational Friction
  • EF-2.4 Engineering Fundamentals Potential and Kinetic Energy
  • EF-2.5 Engineering Fundamentals Centrifugal & Centripetal Force

Mechanisms Experiments

  • EF-3.1 Engineering Fundamentals Cam, Crank and Toggle
  • EF-3.2 Engineering Fundamentals Mechanisms
  • EF-3.3 Engineering Fundamentals Additional Mechanisms
  • EF-3.4 Engineering Fundamentals Bar Linkages


  • EF- 4.1 Engineering Fundamentals Pulleys
  • EF- 4.2 Engineering Fundamentals Gears
  • EF- 4.3 Engineering Fundamentals Drive Systems


  • EF-WS Workstation
  • EF1-Spares

EF Base Unit

EF Trays

Packed and crated shipping specifications

Length: 1.25m

Width: 0.65m

Height: 0.30m

Volume: 0.25m³

Gross weight: 40Kg

EF-WS Dimensions

Length: 1.15m

Width: 0.55m

Height: 0.99m

Note: Overall dimensions when assembled

EF-WS – Workstation

Please note, the workstation is supplied without trays and base units, these can be ordered separately

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