EF-BU Base Unit


EF-BU Base Unit

The Engineering Fundamentals range is designed to enable students to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of engineering by the process of learning via hands-on experimentation.

The unique multifunctional base unit (EF-BU) allows the student to carry out a variety of experiments covering Statics, Dynamics and Kinematics in 4 different configurations.


The base unit is easy to set up with no assembly tools needed. The screen-printed design includes a measuring scale to ensure repeatable exercises. The base unit can be set up horizontally, vertically and in inclined positions to suit experiment.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Can be assembled in vertical (landscape and portrait), inclined and horizontal configurations (clear assembly instructions provided for each)
  • Tool-less assembly
  • Base Unit backboard has a screen-printed grid reference which all assembly instructions refer to for the location of parts
  • Screen-printed design also includes a measuring scale to help identify correct length thumb screws etc
  • Sturdy common base for assembling all EF experiments to
  • Improve the student’s dexterity by self-assembly with graphical instructions provided
  • Simple grid reference system to assist with assembly of experiments
  • Measuring scale included on backboard
  • Flat-pack for easy storage


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The entire EF range is designed to work with the Base Unit.

See EF Experiment data sheets for specific Demonstration / Instructional Capabilities relating to the Topic / Experiment tray

Workstation EF-WS
The workstation can be used as a demonstration platform at the front of
the classroom, but also doubles up as a storage unit for the experiment
trays and EF-BU Base Units.
Castors allow the entire Workstation and its contents to easily be
wheeled between classrooms.
The workstation can be configured to store:
– Up to 12 Base Units and a maximum of 18 trays
(2 Base Units occupy the space of 1 Tray).
– 12 Base Units and 12 trays.
– 18 trays if storing no Base Units.

EF1-SPARES (recommended)

A selection of the most commonly used parts in the EF range of kits,
provided in a durable storage tray which can easily be stored along
with the rest of the EF kits. By having a spares kit in the classroom,
experiments can be varied. In addition misplaced or damaged items
can be replaced quickly without any downtime.

Statics topic / experiment trays
– EF-1.1 – Forces
– EF-1.2 – Moments
– EF-1.3 – Beams
– EF-1.4 – Springs
– EF-1.5 – Torsion
Dynamics topic / experiment tray
– EF-2.2 – Simple Harmonic Motion
Kinematics topic / experiment trays
– EF-3.2 – Simple Mechanisms
– EF-WS – Workstation
– EF1-Spares – Spares

  • EF- experiment tray/s to build experiments. See selection under related products
  • Level and stable work surface to mount the EF-BU upon. The optional EF-WS is ideal for this if no suitable desk or benchis available

Packed and crated shipping specifications

Volume: 0.1m³
Gross weight: 10Kg


Length: 0.515m
Width: 0.390m
Height: 0.035m

Note: The dimensions given are for the Base Unit in its flat

  • EF-BU – Base Unit
  • EF-WS – Workstation (optional)
  • EF Topic experiment trays (see related products for ordering codes)

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