SD-1.53 – Gear Tooth Form Apparatus


SD-1.53 – Gear Tooth Form Apparatus

Experimental determination of shape and construction of an involute curve


A bench top base plate contains all elements for this experiment.

Three gears are located onto the base plate. A large gear and small gear mesh together and can be rotated to produce analysis of ratios. A third gear is removable to allow students to review its tooth form, pitch circle diameter (PCD) and other key geometry of a tooth form.

The apparatus also explains the form of an involute curve and how this is used to create a gear tooth profile. To help describe what an involute curve is, paper can be placed into the apparatus and an involute curve drawn. A set of vernier callipers is provided to allow the removable gear to be measured to help give a practical analysis of the gear form. Labels are used on the unit to help clearly explain gear theory.

Technical Specifications

  • Large (Mod 4) gears
  • Large gear: 50 tooth, Module 4, 200mm PCD
  • Small gear: 18 tooth, Module 4, 72mm PCD
  • Removable gear module 12.5

Features & Benefits

  • Bench or wall mounted apparatus
  • Two connecting gears supplied
  • One gear for measuring
  • Drawing of Involute Gear form
  • Theory and terminology clearly labelled on unit


  • Experimental determination of shape and construction of an involute curve
  • Explanation of Gear Form
  • Explanation of Gear Ratios
  • Explanation of Gear Modules
  • Explanation of Gear Trains and Rotational Direction

  • 1 x SD-1.53 assembly
  • 1 x Digital vernier
  • Spare cord
  • 5 x Pencil
  • Instruction manual
  • Packing list
  • Test sheet

Theory of Machines

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  • SD-1.62                 Gear Assembly Unit Combined Drives
  • SD-1.63                 Single Epicyclic Gear Train

Sturdy bench top


Volume: 0.03
Gross Weight: 13kg

Length: 0.60m
Width: 0.53m
Height: 0.08m

SD-1.53 Gear Tooth Form Apparatus

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