SD-1.55 – Simple Flywheel


SD-1.55 – Simple Flywheel

Experiment to verify the second law of motion applied to a flywheel.


A steel disc Ø250mm diameter and 30mm thick is mounted on a shaft running in precision bearings housed in a substantial wall bracket. A mark on the flywheel and a pointer on the bracket enables the revolutions to be counted and timed with the stop watch supplied. A cord, load hanger and set of weights are provided to start the flywheel rotating. From the timings of a known number of revolutions, students can then verify the experimental capabilities of the apparatus.

Technical Specifications

  • Coated Steel Flywheel
  • Flywheel: Ø250 x 30mm thick
  • Weights set: 10 x 0.1N, 10 x 0.2N, 1 x 1N, 2 x 2N, 1 x 5N, 1 x 10N
  • 1 x Load hanger

Features & Benefits

  • Wall mounted apparatus
  • Can be mounted to SV100 Bench mounted frame
  • Flywheel ‘locked’ before weights applied
  • All hangers and weights supplied
  • Timing system supplied


  • To verify the second law of motion applied to a flywheel, i.e. the relationship between torque and angular acceleration
  • To compare experimental and calculated moments of inertia of a disc
  • To study the energy transformations and to demonstrate that a flywheel can be used to store energy

  • 1 x SD-1.55 assembled
  • 1 x Load hanger
  • 10 x 0.1N, 10 x 0.2N, 1 x 1N weights
  • 2 x 2N, 1 x 5N, 1 x 10N weights
  • 1 x Stopwatch
  • 1 x Tape measure
  • Spare cord
  • Instruction manual
  • Packing list
  • Test sheet

Theory of Machines

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SV100: Bench Mounted Frame

  • SV100: Bench Mounted Frame
  • Recommended suspension height not to exceed 1.0 metre


Volume: 0.014
Gross Weight: 25kg

Length: 0.19m
Width: 0.25m
Height: 0.30m

  • SD-1.55 Simple Flywheel
  • SV100 Bench Mounted Frame

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