FT90 Homogenisation Sub-Systems


FT90 Homogenisation Sub-Systems

The FT90 and FT91 are complete in-line homogenisation subsystems for use with Armfield miniature-scale food processing equipment. The FT90 is based on an APV 1000 homogeniser and the FT91 is based on a Niro Twin Panda.

Both homogenisers have been specifically optimised for laboratory and pilot scale applications. The units include controls, comprehensive instrumentation, valves, pipework, pulsation dampers, datalogging and all facilities required for operation and process integration with other Armfield equipment. Also available as stand-alone systems.


This unit has been specifically developed to provide a simple and complete solution for in-line homogenisation in conjunction with the Armfield FT74 range of miniature-scale processing equipment.

They contain the homogeniser, pulsation dampers, a stainless steel control cabinet plus the required control valves, pipework and instrumentation all mounted within a stainless steel frame.

Hand wheel adjustment is provided for both stages of homogenisation pressure. The homogenisation pump speed is electronically controlled from the console, and a manually adjustable divert valve is used to compensate for any inequalities between the flow rate from the FT74XA and the homogeniser, or any fluctuations in these flows.
The homogenising valves, seats and balls of the pump valves, are manufactured from stellite, a hard wearing ceramic material.

The pulsation dampers are located upstream and downstream of the homogeniser to provide smooth flow on both sides. The pulsation dampers are non-pressurised and can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

The stainless steel control console includes displays for the homogenisation pressure for product temperature and for product process pressure. The outputs from all the sensors, together with the pump speed are also made available on an integral USB interface. The software provided with the FT90 and FT91 enables this data to be fully integrated with that from an FT74 datalogger, with a single display screen, single data table, and options to graphically display any or all of the data from either system.

The FT90 and FT91 are supplied with all necessary equipment, interconnecting hoses, homogeniser tools etc. for trouble free integration and operation.

Technical Specifications

Unit Specifications                        FT90                        FT91

Homogeniser:                                 APV 1000               Niro Twin Panda 600

Throughput: Adjustable:               8-22 l/h                  10-30 l/h

Max 1st stage                                 1000 Bar                 600Bar
homogenisation pressures:

Homogenisation temperature:     105°C max              90°C max

Max sterilisation                            130°C                     140°C
temperature (30 mins):

Pump power:                                  3 kW                       1.5 kW

No. of pistons:                               1 off                         2 off

Features & Benefits

  • In-line homogenisation for trial quantities and miniature-scale processing
  • Simple integration with existing Armfield plant
  • Can be used as stand alone
  • Uses scale-down valve technology which ensures the results are representative of production-scale processing
  • Complete Homogenisation Subsystems
  • Configurable for upstream or downstream homogenisation
  • Variable throughput
  • Two stage homogenisation with adjustable pressure
  • Twin pistons (FT91) or single piston (FT90)
  • Pulsation dampers included
  • Comprehensive instrumentation includes product temperature, product line pressure, homogenisation pressure and pump speed
  • Datalogging software seamlessly integrates the data with the data from the FT74 and similar heat treatment unit
  • Adjustable divert facility for easy integration into continuous flow processes
  • Complete with interconnection hoses
  • Can be sterilised and used in an Aseptic system


Electrical supply: (see Ordering Codes)

  • Water or steam: for lubrication (FT90 only)
  • Steam (sterile operation only)

                            Unit FT90         Unit FT91

Volume:              1.8m3               1.8m3

Gross weight:    238Kg              240Kg

                 Unit FT90        Unit FT91

Length:    1.0 m                1.1 m

Width:      0.95 m              0.90 m

Height:     1.15 m             1.05 m

  • FT90-E  380-415V / 3ph / 50Hz   3.5 kW
  • FT90-F  220V / 3ph / 60Hz   3.5 kW
  • FT91-A  220-240V / 1ph/ 50Hz   2 kW
  • FT91-G  230V /1ph / 60Hz   2 kW

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