FT52 CIP Unit (Clean in Place)


FT52 CIP Unit (Clean in Place)

The Armfield FT52 has been designed to provide additional cleaning performance for Armfield FT units and other equipment.

It consists of a high flow rate stainless steel centrifugal pump mounted on a mobile frame.

Capacities up to 2.0 m³/h are achievable with low backpressure systems.


The FT52 uses a stainless steel centrifugal pump to provide high throughputs for efficient cleaning. Achievable flowrates are dependent on the backpressure generated by the system being cleaned.

Capacities up to 2.0 m³/h are achievable with low backpressure systems.

FT52 has a small footprint and is mounted on a mobile platform meaning that it can easily be positioned in a lab or pilot environment to meet local CIP needs. A stainless steel splash cover protects the pump from spray during laboratory/pilot plant cleaning.

Operation is simple on/off control which gives the maximum flow rate for efficient cleaning.

Flow rates may be adjusted using a backpressure valve (not supplied).

Technical Specifications

  • The FT52 has been designed in accordance with CE requirements.
  • Centrifugal pump (0-7 bar, 2400L/h at 0 bar)
  • 5L feed vessel

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile unit with small footprint providing local CIP capability for pilot scale equipment
  • Produces cleaning velocities in excess of the industry standard 1.5 m/s in Armfield systems
  • Capable of flow rates up to 2.4 m³/h
  • Simple on/off pump control
  • Stainless steel pump motor splash cover
  • High pressure hygienic flexible hoses and fittings for quick connection to Armfield equipment
  • 5L stainless steel hopper for cleaning solutions


Electricity supply: Single phase (see ordering codes)

  • FT25
  • FT174X
  • FT74XTS
  • FT94LT

Packed and created shipping specifications

Volume: 0.45m³

FT20-20: 30Kg

Length: 0.90m

Width: 0.45m

Height: 1.10m

FT52-A: 220-240v/1ph/50Hz, 5A
FT52-G: 220v/1ph/60Hz, 5A

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