armSOFT Control & Acquisition System


armSOFT Control & Acquisition System

armSOFT data entry, data logging, acquisition and control software


armSOFT data entry, data logging, acquisition and control software.

The armSOFT™ suite of software from Armfield delivers an intuitive and simple to use range of computer applications.

The user interface is generic across the range providing powerful data entry, data logging, acquisition and control software with a wide range of features which is available for many Armfield products.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits

  • Remote access
  • Remote control
  • Data Logginig
  • Realtime display
  • Graph Plotting
  • Process results
  • Export results to Excel
  • Manual & Automatic Data Entry
  • Spreadsheet format
  • Mimic diagrams
  • Graphs
  • Controller screen
  • Intuitive interface
  • Online help available
  • Comes standard with many items


Some products are not suitable for data logging, and require the results to be input manually from primary instrumentation such as manometers or thermometers.

For these products the armSOFT aBASIC software offers a powerful tool for displaying and processing the results.

aBASIC F1-21 Screen

Powerful data logging software with automatic or manual sampling.

The data is stored in spreadsheet format, which also contains any calculated values.

The software includes powerful graph plotting tools enabling numerous display options, including dual y axes, points or lines.

aLITE S12 Screen

This package has all the data logging and general features of the armSOFT aLITE package, but also includes computer control.

A mimic diagram is used where set points and output values can be specified, PID loops can be tuned, and on-off switches can be controlled.

PCT40 PID Screen
PCT40 PID Screen close up