TH6 – Film and Dropwise Condensation Demonstration unit


TH6 – Film and Dropwise Condensation Demonstration unit

The TH6 Film and Dropwise Condensation Demonstration unit demonstrates the formation of condensation of water on two differing surfaces with the ability of the operator, to change a variety of parameters and observe the effects and undertake calculations based upon the presented data.


The TH6 Film and Dropwise condensation unit demonstrates the concepts of film and dropwise condensation under variable pressure, (vacuum), condition in a highly visual manner.

Visual display of key parameters and calculated values are displayed via a computer or optional HMI utilising the Armfield Ltd ArmBUS software.

The Armfield Thermodynamics, TH, range of products are a set of desktop thermodynamic experiments designed to introduce students to concepts and equipment typically found in industry.

They are designed to be highly visual offering full computer control and datalogging as standard.


Technical Specifications

  • Matt finished copper cold finger condenser: 90-100mm length 12.7mm OD
  • Polished copper cold finger condenser: Gold plated 90-100mm length 12.7mm OD
  • Flow rates to each condenser: 0-7.5l/min
  • Flow rate to the vacuum educator: 0-15l/min
  • Electronic flowmeters: 0-7.5l/min
  • Operational pressure: 100-1500 mbara
  • 11x PT100 Thermocouples: 1-120 °c
  • 1 x electronic pressure sensor: 0-2500 mbar
  • Water level: Optical Sensor

Features & Benefits


  • Dropwise and film condensation
  • Determination of the heat transfer coefficient
  • Effect of pressure, temperature and noncondensable gases on the heat transfer coefficient

PC – Running Windows 7 or higher

Electrical supply: 100-250vAC, 50-60Hz single phase

Software requires a computer running Windows 7 or above with a USB port (computer not supplied by Armfield)

Cold water supply and drain: 5 Litres/minute at 1bar gauge (min)


Volume: TBC

Gross Weight: TBC

Length: 1.00m

Width: 0.45m

Height: 0.75m

TH6: Film & Dropwise Condensation Demonstration unit

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