SV600 – Buckling of Struts


SV600 – Buckling of Struts

The experiment Buckling of Struts allows the experimental investigation of the loads needed to cause buckling between different fixing conditions and lengths of sample. The sample material and cross-sectional area will remain the same throughout to encourage consistency.

This experiment has the following properties:

  • Buckling specimens secured between two fixing conditions that are attached to mounting blocks
  • Load cell to measure the applied load and digital linear scale to measure the displacement caused by buckling. The digital linear scale can be placed anywhere along the specimen beam to determine maximum buckling



The Buckling of Struts hardware fits onto the standard Armfield SV100 Bench Mounted Frame.

The kits include aluminium struts of varying length Short 300mm, Medium 330mm and Long 360mm which is compressed using a screw mechanism

The experiment is supplied with 3 fixing scenarios:

  • Both ends fixed
  • Both ends pinned
  • One end pinned with one end fixed

A fixed connection is clamped and screwed in, the pinned connection allows more movement and is nestled in a notch. An integral load cell connected to the Armfield SV101 Structures Interface Unit displays the load on the strut as it is compressed.

Technical Specifications

Portal Specimens

  • 9 x Buckling Specimens
  • 2 x Fixing Brackets
  • 2 x Pinning Brackets
  • 2 x Long Bracket Guide Bars
  • 2 x Short Bracket Guide Bars
  • 1 x Load Cell
  • 1 x Load Cell Mounting Block Assembly
  • 1 x Load Applying Mounting Block Assembly
  • 1 x Digital Linear Scale Assembly
  • 1 x DTI Holder Mount
  • 1 x DTI Holder Extension Rod
  • 1 x DTI Holder Mount Bracket

Features & Benefits

  • Includes different fixings and a selection of different length specimen struts for multiple experiments
  • Supplied with Armfield structures software as standard
  • Includes digital linear scale


  • Euler’s theory and buckling loads
  • Comparison of sample length against results
  • Comparison of mounting styles and results
  • Analysis of the deflection in the sample

  • Euler’s Theory
  • Euler’s Buckling Load
  • Buckling Load against End Conditions and Strut Length
  • Slenderness Ratio

  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +70°C
  • Operating temperature range: +10°C to +50°C
  • Operating relative humidity range: 0 to 95%, non-condensing

SV100: Bench Mounted Frame
SV101: Structures Interface Unit

Electrical supply: 110/120V, 60Hz or 220/240V, 50Hz

  • SV100: Bench Mounted Frame
  • SV101: Structures Interface Unit
  • PC with a USB port, running Windows 7 or above

Volume: 0.1m3
Gross weight: 25 kg

Length: 1.176m
Width:   0.392m
Height:  0.922m

SV600: Buckling of struts

SV100: Bench Mounted Frame (Sold separately)

SV101: Structures Interface Unit (Sold separately)

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