SV401 – Deflection of a Frame


SV401 – Deflection of a Frame

The experiment deflection of frames allows the experimental investigation of the horizontal thrust and deflection observed when loads are applied to different shaped frames. The measurements taken can then also be used to validate calculated values for the horizontal thrust and deflections found using Castigliano’s Theorem.

This experiment has the following properties:

  • Two different shaped frame specimens
  • Up to 1kg of weight hangers to apply loads to the specimens
  • Digital indicators to measure deflection at different points on the frames
  • Pivoting support capable of measuring horizontal thrust

Software Included as standard


Two frame specimens are supplied with the kit, a portal frame and a ‘S’ shaped frame.

Both horizontal and vertical loads can be applied to each specimen using a point load hanger and the open clamp bracket along with the sliding pulley bracket and adjustable cord.

The specimens use the same material and have the same cross-sectional area.

Technical Specifications

  • 1 x Portal Frame
  • 1 x ‘S’ Frame
  • Specimen Material: Aluminium (BS EN 755-2 EN AW-6082 T6)
  • Young’s Modulus: 70 GPa
  • Specimen Section Size: 20 x 3mm
  • 2 x 500g Weight Hangers
  • 1 x Point Load Hanger
  • 1 x Open Clamp Bracket and Eye Screw
  • Measurable range of the digital indicator: 12.7mm
  • Universal Frame Mounting Hardware
  • Load Cell Force Range: 0–17.6N
  • 1 x Sliding Pulley Bracket
  • 1 x 600mm Adjustable Cord
  • DTI Connecting Hardware
  • 1 x DTI Holder Assembly
  • 1 x DTI Extension Bar
  • 1 x Digital Indicator
  • Resolution: 0.01mm

Features & Benefits

  • Allows both horizontal and vertical loads to be applied to each specimen
  • Supplied with both a Portal Frame and a ‘S’ Shaped Frame
  • Both frames are constructed of the same material and cross sectional area for ease of comparison
  • Digital Indicators to ensure deflection at different points on the frame
  • Supplied with Armfield structures software as standard


  • Comparison of experimental results with theoretical values derived using Castigliano’s theorem and numerical analysis by Simpson’s rule
  • Study the load, horizontal thrust, deflections and sway in portal frames
  • Bending Moment Diagrams (BMD)
  • Horizontal Reaction Force
  • Side Sway
  • Simpson’s Rule
  • Castigliano’s Theorem


  • Castiglianos’ Theorem
  • Bending Moment Diagrams (BMD)
  • Side Sway
  • Unit Load Method

  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +70°C
  • Operating temperature range: +10°C to +50°C
  • Operating relative humidity range: 0 to 95%, non-condensing

SV100: Bench Mounted Frame
SV101: Structures Interface Unit
SV102: Pinned Supports Kit

Electrical supply:

110/120V, 60Hz
220/240V, 50Hz

  • SV100: Bench Mounted Frame
  • SV101: Structures Interface Unit
  • SV102: Pinned Supports Kit
  • PC with a USB port, running Windows 7 or above


Volume: 0.1m³
Gross Weight: 25kg

Length: 1.176m

Width: 0.392m

Height: 0.922m

  • SV401: Deflection of a Frame
  • SV100: Bench Mounted Frame (Sold separately)
  • SV101: Structures Interface Unit (Sold separately)
  • SV102: Pinned Supports Kit (Sold separately)

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