SV303 – Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers


SV303 – Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers

The experiment deflection of beams and cantilevers allows the experimental investigation of the deflection of beams of different section sizes under different loads and types of support.

This experiment has the following properties:

  • Assembly of multiple different beam experiments via 2 adjustable supports, point load weight hangers and UDL weight sleeves
  • 3 different beam specimens of different section sizes and material


The beam specimens are made from either aluminium or stainless steel and are 20mm wide with either a thickness of 3 or 5mm.

The supports can be used in a fixed configuration where a clamping plate is used to hold the beam in place, simulating a fixed support.

By removing the clamping plate, the support can be used to simulate a simple support.

Loads can be applied to the beam through either two point load hangers or a uniformly distributed load (UDL) sleeve in combination with the two 500g slotted weight hangers. The point load hangers can be moved along the length of the beam allowing many different loading conditions to be explored.

The slotted weights supplied with the weight hangers can be used inside the UDL sleeve to simulate a UDL load applied to the beam.

The UDL sleeve has a central access point allowing the beam deflection to be accurately measured.

Technical Specifications

  • Beam Specimen Length: 720mm
  • 1 x Aluminium Beam 20 x 3mm
  • 1 x Aluminium Beam 20 x 5mm
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Beam 20 x 3mm
  • Young’s Modulus of Aluminium: 70 Gpa
  • Young’s Modulus of Stainless Steel: 193 Gpa
  • 2 x Fixed and Simple Supports
  • 2 x DTI Holder Assemblies
  • 2 x DTI Extension Bars
  • 2 x Digital Indicators
  • Measurable range of the digital indicator: 12.7mm
  • Resolution: 0.01mm
  • 2 x 500 g Weight Hangers
  • 2 x Point Load Hangers
  • 2 x UDL Weight Sleeves
  • DTI Connecting Hardware
  • Universal Frame Mounting Hardware

Features & Benefits

  • Wide variety of beam conditions including simply supported, cantilever, propped cantilever and Encastre
  • Point loads and uniformly distributed loads
  • Supplied with Armfield structures software as standard


  • Measurement of beam deflection for point and uniformly distributed loads
  • Measurement of slope and beam end rotations
  • Differential equation for beam bending
  • Calculating the young modulus of various beam material
  • Cantilever, propped cantilever, Encastre beam and simply supported beam

  • Differential equation for bending of a beam
  • Young’s modulus

  • Storage temperature: -10°C to +70°C
  • Operating temperature range: +10°C to +50°C
  • Operating relative humidity range: 0 to 95%, non condensing

SV100: Bench Mounted Frame

PC with a USB port, running Windows 7 or above

Volume: 0.1m³
Gross Weight: 25kg

Length: 1.176m

Width: 0.392m

Height: 0.922m

  • SV303: Deflection of Beams and Cantilevers
  • SV100: Bench Mounted Frame (Sold separately)

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