FT28 Oil Extraction Screw Press


FT28 Oil Extraction Screw Press

This oil extraction screw press has been developed to meet an increasing demand for a relatively unsophisticated small-capacity press, suitable for laboratory work.
It is designed to press seeds, nuts or other fine biomass to extract the oil. In addition a cake is formed which can be further purified down stream.


Seed or ground meal is gravity-fed to the press from an integral feed hopper fitted with a manually operated shut-off slide. The thickness of the press cake may be varied. The press is driven at the discharge end through a single-reduction helical gearbox.
The power source is a 4kW, four-pole, three-phase electric motor.Typical throughput data for various seeds is shown in the table below.

Technical Specifications

FT28-E version:
Screw press, having barrel constructed from separate cast rings spaced apart by shims. 60mm diameter bore, 155mm drainage length with single-piece wormshaft driven at the discharge end through a single-reductionhelical gearbox.
Complete with feed hopper, manual feed chute, oil discharge chute and suitable base plate. Includes: one 4kW, four-pole motor, 1,450rpm with starter.

  • Oil extraction screw press suitable for use in the laboratory
  • Complete with feed hopper, manual feed chute and oil discharge
  • 4kW electric motor
  • Suitable for use with a wide range of seeds or ground meals

Features & Benefits

  • Very simple controls
  • Robust design
  • Self-lubricating shaft in product contact areas
  • Removable panels for viewing process and safety
  • Quiet processing



Electrical supply:

FT28-C: 415V / 3ph / 50Hz / 25 amp
FT28-D: 208V / 3ph / 60Hz / 25 amp
FT28-E: 380V / 3ph / 50Hz / 25 amp
FT28-F: 220-240V / 3ph / 60Hz / 25 amp

Packed and crated shipping specifications

Gross Weight: 320Kg

Volume: 1.10m3

Overall Dimensions

Height: 1.09m
Width: 0.99m
Depth: 1.20m