EF-5.1 Tensile Tester


EF-5.1 Tensile Tester

The unit is designed to demonstrate the tensile strength of test pieces of different materials.

  • An Innovative hands on modular system designed to enable investigation and the understanding of engineering principles
  • Datalogging capability


The Engineering Fundamentals range enables students to gain an understanding of the principles of engineering by the process of learning via experimentation.

The modular tray-based system is supplied in conjunction with a multifunctional work panel enabling the student to conduct their own experiments in subjects such as Statics, Dynamics, Mechanisms, Kinematics and Strength of Materials.

Each kit is supplied with a highly visual user-friendly operational guide, allowing the student to understand the theory of the subject by the application of practical experimentation.

Technical Specifications

Features & Benefits


  • Neatly presented in an easily identifiable and durable storage tray
  • Trays have clear lids making it easy to see their contents
  • Pictorial tray contents list to identify missing components easily
  • Accompanied by a detailed manual with various practical exercises
  • Clear and concise assembly instructions for each experiment
  • Multiple experiments per kit
  • Toolless assembly (samples secured with supplied hex key)


  • Datalogging capability
  • Hands-on understanding from lessons
  • Improve the student’s dexterity by self-assembly with the instructions provided


  • Tensile tests (to destruction) of different materials
  • Finding the tensile strength of a material
  • Material behaviour in the elastic and plastic region
  • Creating a force and extension chart

  • EF-BU Base Unit
  • Statics Experiments

– EF-1.1 Forces
– EF-1.2 Moments
– EF-1.3a Beams
– EF-1.3bTrusses
– EF-1.4 Springs
– EF-1.5 Torsion

  • Dynamics Experiments

– EF-2.1 Friction
– EF-2.2 Simple Harmonic Motion
– EF-2.3 Rotational Friction
– EF-2.4 Potential and Kinetic Energy
– EF-2.5 Centrifugal and Centripetal Force

  • Mechanisms Experiments

– EF-3.1 Cam, Crank and Toggle
– EF-3.2 Simple Mechanisms
– EF-3.3 Additional Mechanisms
– EF-3.4 Bar Linkages

  • Kinematics

– EF-4.1 Pulleys
– EF-4.2 Gears
– EF-4.3 Drive Systems

  • Strength of Materials

– EF-5.1 Tensile Tester

  • Options

– EF-WS Workstation

  • Digital Force Meter: Maximum Load = 1000N
  • Digital Vernier Calliper: Accuracy ±0.03mm
  • Tensile test materials include 5 of each material:
      • EN3B Mild Steel
      • Aluminium 2073
      • Brass
      • PVC
      • Perspex
      • C40 Rubber

  • EF-BU Base Unit

  • EF-BU on which to build the experiment from the tray components
  • Level and stable work surface to mount the EF-BU upon. The optional EF-WS is ideal for this if no suitable desk or bench is available.
  • A Windows PC (not supplied) running Windows 7 or later, with USB port is required if running the data logging software.

Packed and crated shipping specifications

Volume: 0.02m3
Gross weight: 10Kg

Length: 0.430m
Width:   0.312m
Height:  0.160m

  • EF-5.1 – Tensile Tester
  • EF-BU – Base Unit
  • EF-WS – Workstation (optional)

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