CEZ Plug flow reactor


CEZ Plug flow reactor


The CEZ Plug flow reactor demonstrates step and pulse changes for plug flow characterisation and steady-state conversion for a second order reaction. It is a tubular packed column reactor made of clear acrylic and mounted on a steel frame. A static premixer at the bottom of the column provides premixing of the reagents entering the reactor to improve the flow distribution.

A clear acrylic sensor block is mounted on the floor standing frame and houses the CEXC conductivity and temperature sensors. The reagents are fed to the reactor by the CEXC feed pumps using PTFE tubing. A six-port injection valve fitted to the CEXC is used to provide the step or pulse input changes of the reagents.

Tracer experiments and conversion experiments may be demonstrated and followed visually. Conductivity data logging allows the student to apply the flow pattern characterisation theory and compare it with the experimental results.


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