SD-1.62-Gear Assembly Unit Combined Drives

Based around a rigid, sturdy frame each drive arrangement can easily be interchanged and fixed into position. Bearing blocks ensure excellent and repeatable alignment of the drives as well as smooth running. The base frame allows for accurate meshing of the drives.
The drive arrangements available include dual belt drive, chain drive with tensioner and spur gear train, dual spur gear, compound bevel gear and spur gear, compound worm / wheel gear and bevel gear, rack and pinion with a spur gear drive.
Each of the drives is made from durable, long life materials, and conforms to industry standards giving the student a practical knowledge of the arrangement they may use in industry.
A cranked handle operates the drives giving more control and feel for each drive arrangement. The cranked handle is away from the main working area of the drives thus ensuring safety during drive rotation. The layout of the drives gives an excellent visual indication of motion, direction, velocity, and mechanical action.

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