SD-1.23 Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

The Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus may be used effectively
in both the classroom and the laboratory for simple demonstrations
and experiments in the dynamic balancing of rotating and
reciprocating systems.

The rotating system is essentially a shaft, mounted on bearings,
supported in a rigid frame, and driven by a small variable speed motor
attached to the frame. Four discs, to which masses may be attached,
are rigidly secured to the shaft. Each disc is suitably drilled and the
sets of holes are positioned so that various conditions of un-balance in
a rotating system can be simulated and the normal methods used to
determine the magnitude and position of the counter-balance masses.

The unit is supported on springs attached to the main support frame so
that the oscillations set up by any unbalanced forces may be observed.
The centre section of the shaft is in the form of a crank. A sleeve, piston
and connecting rod are provided and may be fitted to the unit so that
single cylinder engine balance conditions can be simulated. Various
sector plates of suitable mass can be attached to the two inner discs
so that the student can observe the effect on the oscillations of various
conditions of partial balance of the reciprocating masses.

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