HT37X - Extended Reconfigurable Plate Heat Exchanger

The HT37X is designed to be reconfigurable by the student and can accommodate up to four sections of heating. Each section provides an additional temperature measurement point for each fluid stream.
In order to make the unit easy to reconfigure, these sections are supplied as pre-assembled groups of plates complete with an intermediate plate (containing the temperature measurement points). Using the four heating sections provided, students can compare heat exchangers of different heat transfer area and different numbers of passes. A quick release clamp system enables the different arrangements to be changed quickly and easily without using tools.
Also supplied is a pre-assembled regeneration section to demonstrate this important energy efficient method of heating. The regeneration section can be used in conjunction with one, two or three of the standard heating sections in different configurations.
Plate heat exchangers can be implemented in a wide variety of configurations, with parallel passes, serial passes, or combinations of both. For more advanced investigations into these effects, (e.g. for project work) a further twelve loose plates are supplied with the HT37X.
These can be used in conjunction with the plates from the pre-assembled modules to investigate additional configurations.

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