SV601 - Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear

One of a range of Experiment Modules that fit onto the SV100 Structures bench mounted frame, the product helps students understand symmetrical and non-symmetrical bending of three different beam shapes, including an equal ‘L’, a ‘U’ and Equal Angle beam (90° L beam).
Three different beam specimens can be supported individually using a clamping mounting block. A horizontal load is applied to the ends of the specimens using the weight hanger applying load via the cord, routed around the pulleys.
The specimens use the same material, wall thickness and are of the same outside envelope dimension (12.7mm). As a result, the deflection of these different specimens can be compared and evaluated. The centre of rotation of the beam samples is located through the centroid of area of the cross section of each sample.
The kit is supplied with twin DTI mounts that allow two digital indicators to be positioned perpendicular to each other on the horizontal plane. This allows the total deflection components of the specimens under loading to be easily measured.
Results can be manual added to the supplied software for further analysis.

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