SD-1.27-Simple Hydraulic System

The Hydraulic System is a simple piece of apparatus designed specifically for Motor Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering Technician Courses. It is intended for use in either the classroom or laboratory and may be used for simple demonstrations to illustrate how liquid can be used to transmit a force. The apparatus may also be used by the student to carry out simple experiments to investigate the relationships between the force on the plungers, the cross sectional area of the plungers and the fluid pressure in the system.

The system consists essentially of three accurately machined cylinders and plungers whose cross-sectional areas are in the ratio 1, 2 and 6. The three cylinders and the pressure gauge are connected in parallel and “on/off” taps are included in the circuit so that any of the cylinder units may be isolated from the system. A clear Perspex oil reservoir is fitted to the “master” cylinder.

Two special load hangers are provided.

The unit may be wall mounted or fitted to the Universal Bench Mounting Frame (Ref SD-1.10).

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