SD-1.22 - Borg-Warner Automatic Transmission Simulator

The simplicity of operation and the ease with which the student may
understand the Mechanical Power Flow in the Borg-Warner 35 gearbox
has made the simulator extremely popular with lecturers
and students alike, in Technical Colleges throughout the world.

Pins, inserted in accordance with the chart in the Laboratory Manual,
lock discs to simulate the action of the clutches and brake bands.

Each of the three forward ratios and reverse may be selected as
required simply by inserting the appropriate pins as specified in the
chart, and the relative movements of the different components can be
clearly seen and studied.

When the student has become familiar with the Mechanical Power
Flow, they may then proceed to use the unit for diagnostic purposes.
By following the step by step procedure laid down in the Laboratory
Manual they are able to study the effect of a faulty clutch or brake band.
Also included in the Laboratory Manual are the calculations for the

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